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meet “captain” niels

meet “captain” niels, our kind maitre…

Mr Niels Juhl
matt and the "captain"
breakfast in norway
breakfast in norway
northern window
northern window

two candles

an incredible woodstove, as there is one in every room of the house

the green room, rosanna’s favorite. also known as “the captain’s room” or “the whiskey room”

according to Helén, our host at the Kloster, the “captain”, who is indeed not a captain but a rich farmer turned politician, lived and thrived in the early to mid 18oo’s, got the king’s permission to build his mansion with the medieval stones laying about on his land, remains of the ancient church burnt and destroyed during the Reformation…

…making this is a very unusual Norwegian house as it is made with stone and not wood

at dusk, views from the jetty…

the days are too short here in Halsnøy…

fishing nets on the pier