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gorgeous old tucson

here we are in tucson, our beloved, scorched, dry, patch of desert. and even while surrounded by loony politicians and gun-toting lunatics of all kinds, well, we keep busy doing something good and fun, so here we go.

this time we are helping the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation, because we believe in beauty, and the power of identity with the layers of history that an old place can carry. too often in this dear far west of ours, the “old” is sacrificed for the “new”, the valuable for the cheap, in the name of the good old dollar, at least most of the time.

we are doing our thing, having a good time, photographing our most beloved historical buildings and locations, with the help of a talented local rising star: Sydney Ballesteros, a vintage fashions collector and connoisseur, who is choosing the models, styling them, making them up [hair+make-up], while picking from her own incredible collection. we are indeed lucky and we hope our style and attention to detail, textures, and color, will bring the THPF much needed attention. the result will be a super glossy elegant stylish calendar that you’re sure going to want to have! so stay tuned…

20's fashions, vintage, art deco, tucson courthouse
a bit of southwestern art deco!

20's fashions, art deco, pima county courthouse, tucson, arizona

goodbye at the old train station

the power of adobe, at the Ted De Grazia Chapel
miss olivia ruiz styling an original de grazia design and anxiosuly waiting by the saguaro rib door...
our lovely stylist and model, ms ballesteros

barrio beauties


“such a crumblin’ beauty…”  tom waits

creamy adobe
the historical hotel congress
a lovely tourist at the historical hotel congress, tucson, AZ
historical hotel congress, tucson, arizona, 20's, 30's, dillinger, tourist
at the historical Hotel Congress... Hello?