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“meiseki na yume” at the Arizona Biennial 2011

whew!!! we haven’t shown up in a looong while, haven’t we? we have been in the middle of the craziest move and remodel of our lives [so far] and we barely have had time to pursue our photographic dreams… BUT, here we go.

we have been curated into this edition of the prestigious Arizona Biennial, held at the Tucson Museum of Art, with our works from Japan, our series : “meiseki na yume” <lucid dream>. it is an installation of 9 color photographs, beautifully and richly printed on matte fiber, then mounted onto thick panels of luscious bamboo. it is a beauty for all to behold, and we say so with the pride of the maker, but we feel it is fair to say anybody with an eye will appreciate it.

we wanted to make this contribution our hommage to Japan, a country that deeply fascinates us and holds some of our dearest friends and inspirations. more on what moves this work a little later…

today final approval was given to Photographic Works, our trusty lab, and monday morning we install.

opening reception is June 24th, 6-8pm, at the Tucson Museum of Art. Hope you can make it!

here is a link to the Tucson Museum of Art event page

at the opening… lucid dream, japan, tokyo, nara, tsukiji, jetlag, sleep, dream, surreal, color our installation project: 9 pieces ranging from 35×35″ to 7×7″ on a 20ft long wall

and here go the images that are part of this grouping:

here is an audio-visual we created of the series in its entirety, accompanied by Radiohead’s dreamy and haunting “Treefinger” [i hope they won't mind!]

and our lovely little book with the entire series, see for yourselves if it isn’t a little jewel… at 7″x7″ it fits in your purse and looks cute on your coffee table.