meiseki na yume [lucid dream], imperial koi, ise, japan © 2011 . All rights reserved.

our donation to life support japan

through wall space gallery a great little gallery in seattle and now, santa barbara.

effort proceeds go to two great organizations:

Direct Relief International for help with medical supplies, and Habitat for Humanity Japan to help in the rebuilding of communities in and around Sendai and northern Japan.

here’s our lovely piece, still 5 pieces available! only some time left to order here

for the kind ones that ordered a print, please be patient, we are working on it! thanks.

meiseki na yume [lucid dream], imperial koi, ise, japan
imperial koi, ise, japan. from the meiseki na yume<lucid dream>series

and here, if you wish to see more of this beautiful homage to Japan, is our book we designed and produced through Blurb [click on link below]:

meiseki na yume <lucid dream>:

in november 2007 we traveled to japan to photograph our friend’s wedding to his japanese bride. euphoria, exhaustion, and wonderment were the driving force of those 9 days of exploration. works are a mix of color and black and white holga and hasselblad shots.