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two years ago we came to Halsnøy…

in Norway, on the south-western coast, in the magical fjørd’s region… Halsnøy Kloster.

we were invited to stay in an 1841 stone farm-house, with sweeping languid vistas on the fjord and out to the western sea. a house lived in by many souls and still inhabited by some… friendly ghosts, like “Captain Niels”, our favorite!


rosanna and matt dressed for action in the -16C weather, holga and diana in tow!


we had record negative temperatures and winds that visited us from the Russian Steppes. we had incredibly crispy days with orange-red sunsets, and pewter skies that reflected themselves in the silver water. we saw the most incredible shapes of ice ever. we fell in love.

last November 2012, two years later exactly, we were invited back to show the fruits of what we had sown. click on the link to find some images of Rosanna’s show Norwegian Meditations, and there to find Matt’s “Childlike Witchøry… fun fun!

we were so lucky to be graced by the creations of our sound artists friends, their soundscapes complement our videos and our mixed-media installations:

Michael Henderson
Tucson, Arizona www.fermentedmusic.com

Michael Carroll
Oracle, Arizona www.codyloop.com

Jan Krey
Halsnøy, Norway www.soundcloud.com/jan-krey

our fabulous friend and Sound Wizard of the Woods, Mr. Jan Krey.


other wonderful music Rosanna borrowed from artists that hopefully will be flattered for it:


For a Minor Reflection

Brian Eno

hope you’ll be enchanted half as much as we were.

about the videos Rosanna writes:

“I have just completed a fulfilling Artist Residency at Halsnøy Kloster, Halsnøy, Norway, in the fjord region of that country, a place of incredible light and beauty and harshness.

My interest is in exploring the emotions of the land, as experienced through this body, these eyes. My desire is to know a place. To feel a place.

Being there, fully immersed in that space, prompted me to want to explore a new media, beyond photography, I was recording sound and the moving image, as I was moving through that land.

The result is a series of rough but sincere audio-video meditations, accompanied by small mixed-media objéts made of my photos and artifacts found during my explorations in the forest and on the coast.

I come from the Arizona Desert, by way of Milan, Italy. I enjoy contrasts.
I fled the city for the quiet open skies of the desert. Now I flee the desert for the water, when I can, to go to the other end of the spectrum and tell a new story.”