our fine photography prints can be found and purchased at PH Neutro, a fine art photography gallery in Verona, Italy.

also available through Charlet Photographies, Paris, France

if in Tucson, see some of our works now on the walls of the newly opened Tucson Community Acupuncture Co-op. while getting affordable and expert treatments, take a look at the art and feel free to ask, it is for sale! here pics of what it looks like.

we have self-published a book based on our dreamy travels in Japan, back in the fall of 2007: “meiseki na yume [lucid dream]“. it is a luscious collection of rich colors and tones, of double-takes and surreal panoramas. the beauty of film captured by the serendipitous quality of the plastic Holga lens, interspersed with the occasional sharp precision of the Hasselblad’s. it is a cute 7×7 inch square format and it comes as a matte hardcover or a glossy paperback. copies can be purchased through the link below, enjoy!

meiseki na yume [lucid dream] by fotovitamina | Make Your Own Book

feel free to contact us for COMMISSIONS, LICENSING possibilities, or for a  STUDIO VISIT. we often participate in the Tucson Open Studio Tour, where we also have selections of our work available for purchase, so keep an eye out for us!

here find a selection of our wedding and portrait work

this is how a creative couple decided to have us create their very special wedding book:

kimberlina & kevin by fotovitamina | Make Your Own Book